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«★» living long enough to see myself become a hero «★»
❝ september? what happened to march? ❞
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13th-Jun-2022 12:21 am - { friends only ;
joseph gordon-levitt » fedora

① comment to be added.

② fandom list is here for your reference. i'm not picky on who i add, but please try to have something in common! i'm awful at starting conversations, so having interests in common is a great catalyst for longer, closer friendships.

③ i used to play at discedo (miria) so if you knew me from there, feel free to drop me a line!

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20th-Nov-2013 12:45 am - { one fandom list TO RULE THEM ALL ;
america » no longer am i just a man...
❝ i've got all the symptoms of terminal love cancer;
won't someone call a doctor?❞

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3rd-Aug-2011 11:36 pm - SELLING POST!
america » no longer am i just a man...
or, the trying-to-raise-more-money-for-the-things-I-will-inevitably-want-in-Japan post
but could possibly be the feed-my-horrible-addiction-to-comics post


Also, feel free to haggle! Especially if you want to buy a lot, you can probably convince me to give you a discount. ;)

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17th-Oct-2010 08:47 pm - I KNOW I JUST POSTED BUT
america » no longer am i just a man...

Title: To Skaro and Back, or Immortality: A Dalek’s Worst Nightmare
Inspired by and Written for: superfluously
Rating: PG
Fandom: Baccano!/Doctor Who
Characters: Isaac & Miria, the TARDIS (she’s totally a character and you know it), Derek and Lindek the Daleks, and featuring Nine and Rose at the end.
Word Count: 3,408
Disclaimer: I am not Narita or RTD, although sometimes I wish I were.
Warnings: Isaac & Miria?? They’re crack in and of themselves, and this is a crossover, so do prepare yourself for massive amounts of silliness. Also, I quite enjoy the use of italics.
Summary: The Daleks may have to reconsider who their arch-nemesis is when they receive an unexpected visit from two Earthian costume thieves.
Comments: This takes place sometime during the timeline of Series 1 (2005) episodes Aliens of London and World War Three, but also includes time travel to Skaro when it still existed (i.e., before the Last Great Time War but after the Doctor and the Daleks had had enough encounters to consider themselves arch enemies). I haven’t actually seen enough Classic Who to cite specifics, so let’s just assume it is a period in which the Daleks still inhabited Dalek City.



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5th-Oct-2010 01:40 pm - it's that time again
america » no longer am i just a man...
fall semester friends cut

with the start of the semester, my flist always begins to overwhelm me, so i'm removing old journals and people i haven't really connected with from old friending memes. this will also act as a reverse fcut if you would like to remove me. i should be done with the cut by the end of the week. if you feel you've been removed unfairly, please comment here.
2nd-Jul-2010 11:46 am - remember it; remember it well
sunny d » refreshing americum
so tomorrow is not my birthday

it is


america » no longer am i just a man...
Recently started rewatching Junjou with mai nakama Erren because it is our diabolical plan to find out if her roommate likes BL ufufu~ (And actually, during the episode where Hiro and Nowaki have sex in the library, she was totally in the room and didn't seem particularly bothered that we were literally watching--with speakers no less--two guys have sex.)

We came to a sudden realization, however: THE ROMANTICA ARC SERIOUSLY HAS ISSUES. REALLY. BAD. ISSUES. AND ARE THESE ISSUES EVER ADDRESSED? NO. (The arc would be like, ten times better if they did address more than one of the issues for more than two seconds, but THEY DON'T and play it off to be "twu wuv." JUST. NO.) So, from this day forward, this entry shall be known as:


Firstly, stop means stop. But does Usagi ever listen to Misaki? NO. I mean holy crap. I can sort of forgive the first episode when Misaki barges in and starts accusing Usagi of being a pervert and taking advantage of Takahiro or whatever because Usagi was trying to make a point. But after that? HOLY SHIT USAGI NEVER FUCKING LISTENS. STOP MEANS STOP. NO MEANS NO. But for some reason, Usagi has it in his head that Misaki wants him, which may be true, but holy shit not by the second or third episode. I think Usagi is taking Misaki's arousal to mean "I am perfectly okay with this and am completely in love with you, so you can keep groping me, Usagi-san." WHICH IT DOESN'T. I mean, shit, they have sex because Usagi just doesn't listen when Misaki tells him to stop. Then again, Misaki doesn't exactly protest more than that, but Jesus, come on. If you "love" someone that much, STOP WHEN THEY SAY STOP. Also, during the 10 years before Usagi and Misaki had a relationship, Usagi never took advantage of Takahiro, who is INFINITELY MORE AIRHEADED AND OBLIVIOUS THAN MISAKI. So why the hell does he take advantage of Misaki, who actually UNDERSTANDS WHAT'S GOING ON? Because he understands what's going on and therefore won't fight back because he's actually aroused by it? I DON'T EVEN. STOP STILL MEANS STOP.

Secondly, and this one they do address for like two seconds canonly, but Misaki is a replacement for Takahiro. I don't care if Usagi says he's in love with Misaki, or that Misaki realizes he's a replacement, gets angry, but ultimately makes up with Usagi because Usagi assures him he's fallen in love with Misaki. Why? BECAUSE YOU CANNOT GET OVER 10 YEARS OF UNREQUITED LOVE THAT FAST. I mean, the Egoist arc really pushes this whole idea too: Hiro had sex with Usagi, who was really only having sex with Hiro because he couldn't have Takahiro. Hiro realizes doesn't want to be a replacement, that Usagi will never love him for who he is, says FUCK THIS, and moves on with his life. Misaki realizes he might be a replacement, confronts Usagi, who then sexes up Misaki, and then everything is okay. WHAT. NO. It bugs me so much that Usagi's solution to the problem is sex. If you don't want Misaki to feel like a replacement, if you want to show him you actually love him, you don't have to prove it with your penis. Especially since Misaki IS CLEARLY UNCOMFORTABLE WITH EVERYTHING THEIR RELATIONSHIP IS AT THIS POINT. I mean, it takes Misaki fucking forever to figure out he's "in love" with Usagi (and since Romantica is the main arc, that's a fuckton more episodes than it took with Egoist or Terrorist), which brings me to my third and final point:

STOCKHOLM SYNDROME. It feels like Usagi is forcing Misaki to fall in love with him. Usagi gets ridiculously jealous, to the point where he doesn't even want Misaki to have a social life. And since he spends pretty much all his time ever with Usagi, generally being groped and/or having sex with him, why wouldn't he feel like he was "falling in love"? HE LITERALLY HAS NO OTHER FRIENDS (besides Sumi, who is a dickweed anyway), and he's so socially inept that making friends is difficult. I mean, even when he was living with Takahiro he had no friends, because I don't think he really knows how to make friends. So when he does make friends with Sumi (even though Sumi's only using him to get to Usagi, but that's a different matter entirely), Usagi gets jealous and tells Misaki he can't have dinner with Sumi because they promised to always have dinner together. But then when Usagi has to go have dinner with his editor, IT'S A-OKAY. Seriously, that is not how it works. You can't impose some ultimatum and then not follow through with it. Also, it really feels like Usagi is using Misaki to get over Takahiro; if Usagi can get Misaki to love him, it will feel like Takahiro loves him, which IS NOT THE BASIS OF A HEALTHY RELATIONSHIP. To make it worse, after Sumi turns out to be a dickweed, Misaki never makes any other friends, so he only has Usagi, which, by that point, Misaki is okay with I guess, but still, their relationship seems so forced, and in a bad way. I mean, honestly, I feel like Misaki doesn't want to be gay, but since he's always around Usagi and Usagi makes him ~*~feel good~*~, he just kind of... goes with it and ends up at the conclusion that he does love Usagi, when really I think the only reason he comes to this conclusion is to delude himself from thinking that maybe the relationship he has with Usagi is, you know, REALLY AWFUL AND UNHEALTHY. "Oh, it's love, so that makes everything okay!" No. Just. No.

Also keep in mind, this is all based off of the first three episodes of the Romantica arc. That's... kind of really bad. And we were just so put off by all of it, that we couldn't continue and instead just watched the Egoist, Minimum, and Terrorist episodes. I have seen the rest of the series including the second season, however, and Romantica really didn't get any better in my opinion. Although if we're ever feeling particularly masochistic, we might go back and watch more of Romantica, but ugh. I honestly didn't think rewatching it would make me dislike it as much as I do now. I thought I might like it more than I did the first time, which was basically indifference, but yeah... no.

I feel like I had more to say (MORE? I KNOW THERE'S SO MUCH TL;DR ALREADY) but I think I got out most of what really bothered me. It's kind of sad I can write so much about a fictional relationship in such a short period of time when it takes me hours to write this much for assigned essays. OTL FOREVER.
16th-Feb-2010 09:33 pm - the internet salutes me
america » no longer am i just a man...
in Japanese lit, we had to write a form of linked verse called "rengay," so me and my nakama Ellen decided to theme one of them around internet memes. (the other one was about DRRR!! but I don't have it with me so I'll post it later.)

in the dark hours of the night
he was b&
they'd heard he didn't like mudkips

somewhere in the ocean
a starfish still loves you

huddling under umbrellas
some stay dry while others feel the pain
chocolate rain

is this real life?
a cat hangs from the ceiling

an old record player stored away
it played over 9000 songs

"never gonna give you up
never gonna let you down
never gonna run around and desert you"

it was hard reading it out loud in class coz everyone kept erupting in laughter. and when we finished, this one guy was like "lmao THE INTERNET SALUTES YOU." |D
america » no longer am i just a man...
Ciaossu! This is your humble Don Miyou, wishing to inquire of the positions of my failmiglia. So you! Yes, you reading this! Whom art thou?

『don/boss』→ mongoliabun
『fail!seme&fail!husbando』→ radiopowered
『failservant』→ kirschwassers
『family footstool』→mizure
『family hobo』→creativexwonder
『family stalker』→facexpalm
『trigger happy bodyguard』→y0naki_x3

Don Miyou's family must flourish! Tell me thy position and thy shall gladly be inducted.

And now for a bit of fun.
OH BB U R THE ___ TO MY ___.
Yeah, this shit is goin' down. Comment with as many as you like, any fandom. If it's not already on the list, it shall be added.
(And I put a bunch of fandoms blank since I don't actually know and wanted to give you options and such.)

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